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We would love to see our books being read and helping people around the world. Ein guter Verlag is an ecological publishing house from Berlin focusing on books and journals around the topics of self-reflection and burnout prevention. 

Journals, notebooks, and diaries are not only helpful tools when it comes to self-reflection. They can also play a relevant role in supporting your mental health. Don’t we all have more than just planning appointments on our minds right now?

Feel free to check out the translated timeless version of A Good Plan Timeless: Holistic diary for a mindful life in our online shop, to get an impression of our high-quality, engaging, and contemporary products.

We are looking forward to your inquiries regarding our authors and books, and we will gladly provide you with reading copies and additional information.

About A Good Plan

We are a team of twelve with our headquarters located in Berlin-Neukölln. Every day, we are seeking to help people find a better way to learn about themselves and to find stability in this challenging world.

We are proud to add that we are not alone on this mission. With a continuously growing community of over 420,000 Instagram followers and more than 210,000 newsletter subscribers, we change the world one post, one mail, and one book at a time.

A Good Plan (Ein guter Plan) was founded in 2015 by Jan Lenarz and Milena Glimbovski – two friends who themselves were burnt out after having founded social startups. Following many conversations with friends, they started the idea of developing a personal agenda/journal that guides the reader through the process of dealing honestly and unsparingly with themselves. 

They knew they wanted to create a guideline for self-reflection that did not come across as lecturing or set in stone like so many had before them. Most importantly, they wanted to create a journal that would support each reader on their individual path. Rather than claiming »a perfect solution for everyone«, they aimed to offer a diverse set of methods, techniques, and ideas to choose from.

Up until this day, A Good Plan has sold more than 1.100.000 copies in three different languages.

Product range

We have a small variety of books and calendars marketed towards people who care about mental health and reflection.

Our mindfulness calendars in many different versions: A Good Plan Classic (English version), Pro, Mini, Family and Edu.

Our diary for kids, in which they are guided to learn about their emotions: A Good Feeling (English version)

Books with our best of techniques for self reflection and most inspiring texts.


We don’t just talk about sustainability, but we are setting standards in our industry.

Our entire production, including all transport routes, takes place in Germany. We only print on 100 % recycled paper. Our printing inks are made from plant oils and are free from petroleum. Our books are bound in a third-generation family-owned business. We avoid overproduction by printing far below the demand. Hence, no books end up in the landfill. Since we also choose not to shrink-wrap our books, we can avoid the use of plastic foil.

But not only are we proud of our beautiful books and our sustainable production process, others like them, too. The German version of A Good Plan has been prized with a variety of awards: for its design, its timeless appearance far from mindfulness clichés, and for its function as a prime example for sustainable design in the whole well-being and mindfulness sector.

Meet Us

Frankfurt Book Fair 2023: 18.-22.10.2023

Feel free to contact Milena to discuss working together.

Milena Glimbovski, Head of Growth