A Good Plan

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Please note that the yearly overview in the front of the book only covers the years 2022/2023. The rest of the planner is undated and not affected.

The book that will change your life! A Good Plan Timeless is a holistic diary for more mindfulness and self-love. With inspiration and without forced self-optimisation. Schedule appointments and to-dos, learn to take care of your needs again and keep an eye on burnout signals. Undated: start whenever you want to.

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The most important book in your life should be about your life

The original for more mindfulness and self-love

Self-reflection and Self-awareness: The Life Planner

We believe: the most important book in your life should be about your life. A Good Plan is not only a diary because right now everyone of us has more than just appointments on their mind. We provide you with 50 pages to take an inventory of your life: what makes you happy? What are your needs? How can you take better care of yourself? These questions get straight down to business but A Good Plan is not an easy wellness-book that is constantly advising you to only see the positive. It is about true, deep, real insight without clichés, gibberish and self-optimisation.

»The best diary for more mindfulness in everyday life.«

Mindfulness and Stress Avoidance: The Weekly View

Good needs to become a habit and reflection a routine. A diary that accompanies you every day is ideal for that. In the weekly view you will find space for your appointments on the left-hand page, with the mindfulness labels you gain a quick overview on important factors like sleep, mood and social contacts. The right-hand page is dotted and dedicated to your tasks. In order to prioritise, the proven 1-2-3 technique is of help. The mindfulness tips are supposed to help you learn something about mental health and burnout prevention each week. Space for notes, quotes and hours of sunshine complete the picture. 

»Can one re-invent diaries? Yes, one can.«

Insights and Slowing down: The Monthly Reflection

We don’t grow from our experiences but from reflecting on them. Taking a moment each month to reflect upon what we have experienced has an enormous slowing down effect. So, once a month, write down what happened, what you’re grateful for, what you did well and what has been rather difficult. The self-reflection psyche can give hints about your mental state.

»Shows you what you really want.«
Dressed like Machines

Focus and Purpose: The Monthly Planner

First of all, in the monthly planner, you define goals and wishes for the four main areas of life: work, contacts, health and free time. Then think about what you’re looking forward to and what is going to be a challenge. Define up to six habits that you can then tick off each day in the monthly view.

»The sustainable production of A Good Plan is consequently game-changing.«
Stiftung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis

One of the most ecological diaries ever

Our entire production, including all transport routes, is climate-neutral and takes place in Germany. We only print on 100 % recycled paper. Our printing inks are made from plant oils and are free from petroleum. Our books are bound in a third-generation family business. As we print far below the demand, we avoid overproduction. This way, no books end up in landfill. Neither does plastic foil as we never shrink-wrap our books.

A toolbox for wellbeing but no guarantee of happiness

We don’t know what’s good for you, but we can help you find out. That’s why you won’t find step-by-step instructions in A Good Plan Timeless. It’s not about self-optimisation but self-compassion, self-care and self-acceptance. These skills have to develop slowly inside of you. The following contents might help you with that:

Undated, space for 56 weeks
Horizontal weekly view
53-page life planner for self-reflection
56 tips for more mindfulness and self-love
56 inspiring quotes
12 monthly reflections including goal setting
Yearly overview and holidays for 2022/2023
Many lists (lending list, travel destinations etc.)
12 pages for notes
… and much more!
Two bookmark threads
Linen cover with gold embossing
264 pages (90 g/m²) | 14,4 x 22,5 x 2 cm | 490 g
Eco colours, recycled paper, vegan, including climate protection contribution
Minimal packaging shipping
and much more!

Extract as PDF

A design icon

The German version of A Good Plan has been awarded many times: for its design, its timeless appearance far from mindfulness clichés and its function as a role model for the design of the whole wellbeing and mindfulness sector.

»Great design. Excellent style, mindful production and natural materials.«
German Design Council

A Good Plan Timeless is available in 3 colours

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