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Five minutes a day for more self-love and gratitude! Not every day is a good day. But most days are better than you think! That’s why it’s useful to stop for a moment and ask yourself: What good things happened today? What am I grateful for? With A Good Day you train your mindfulness and (self-)appreciation daily. The first gratitude journal supported by a free app. Sustainable and first-rate beautiful: A Good Day was awarded the German Design Award Gold 2022.

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Gratitude without toxic positivity

5 minutes a day for more self-love and gratitude

This is how A Good Day works

A Good Day provides you with one page per day to keep a diary, make lists of what you’re grateful for and space for everything that you did especially well. This way you can free your mind from burdensome thoughts and then focus on the good and finally train yourself in self-love. Quotes, tips and habit trackers top of the daily view off.

»The book shakes my hand without dragging it.«
Review from Nele

Slowing down and awareness: The Monthly Reflection

The monthly reflections offer space for a big step back. You’ll find twelve of them at the end of the book. Recap the last month and write down what has been especially good and especially difficult. Additionally, you will find a small and brief reflection and a habit tracker for up to five habits for the whole month.

»This journal has a self-critical and relaxed approach towards gratitude, that the rose-coloured world of happiness often lacks.«
Ministry of Happiness

Many techniques for more gratitude and mindfulness

But A Good Day contains even more. At the beginning, you can take an inventory of the good things in your life, define your values, but also what it actually means for you to have a good day. That’s getting down to business, however A Good Day is not your average easy wellness-book. We skirt round forced positivity and concentrate on techniques that give you real insights.

»The sustainable production of A Good Plan is consequently game-changing.«
Stiftung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis

One of the most ecological journals ever

Our entire production, including all transport routes, is climate-neutral and takes place in Germany. We only print on 100 % recycled paper. Our printing inks are made from plant oils and are free from petroleum. Our books are bound in a third-generation family business. As we print far below the demand, we avoid overproduction. This way, no books end up in landfill. Neither does plastic foil as we never shrink-wrap our books.

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Pragmatic Gratitude

A Good Day will introduce you to the concept of (self-)appreciation in a practical manner. You won’t find tacky and gibberish in this book. This journal is your anchor in the stormy chaos of everyday life and helps you return to the essentials. This is what’s included:

Diary for 184 days (undated)
Instructions for the topic of gratefulness
92 mindfulness tips
Big inventory
Value test
184 quotes without kitsch
12 monthly reflections
Gratitude highlights
Space for notes
and much more!
Two bookmark threads
Linen cover with gold embossing
256 pages (90 g/m2) | 14.4 x 22.5 x 2cm | 490 g 
Crafted from traditional printing house (since 1593)
Eco colours, recycled paper, vegan, including climate protection contribution
Minimal packaging shipping
… and much more!

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A Good Day is available in 3 colours

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  1. Clément

    All good for now !
    Bit disappointed because I ordered the 26,90€ version in Petrol on this page thinking it would contain the 2024 plan.
    I understood why the other product page had a discount because of the 2022+2023 calendar but maybe worth it to make it clear to other customers to avoid confusion….
    Great work

    Nicht verifizierter Kauf. Mehr Informationen

    • mm


      The product on this page, A Good Day, is a gratitude journal that doesn’t contain any dates or calendars and can be used for daily journaling. The discounted product on the other page, A Good Plan, is an undated weekly planner with a yearly overview of 2022/2023 in the front of the book. If you’re disappointed with your purchase, you can reach out to our customer service (hallo@einguterplan.de) and we’ll find a solution together.

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